April 4, 2023

As Ghana Health Services moves into a different strategic approach in dealing with malaria, which is malaria elimination programmes, manager of Ghana National Malaria Control programme Dr. Keziah L. Malm has emphasised the need to get the needed funds to push the elimination agenda.

According to her the strategy the nation operated on from the year 2021 in the fight against malaria is being changed into malaria elimination.

In an interview with Ghanamps.com she noted that if one looks at the strategic plan previously they did not mobilize all the resources that they needed to implement that strategic plan; they had eighteen districts which were eligible for one of their key interventions which is indoor residual spraying.

“But, we did not have the resources to do that. Now with the support from Parliament, some funds have been allocated to two districts out of the eighteen, which means that there is a lot to be done. This intervention was one that was done in the Upper West Region and has brought malaria prevalence down quite well”.

Dr. Malm further pointed out that other interventions especially around education and getting people to understand the interventions and accept them is a lot more that they need to do.

And emphasised adequate resources when Ghanamps.com enquired if that would be a game changer.

According to her, they are hoping that as they improve on their work with Parliament Select Committee on health, “they would appreciate what needs to be done better and what resources are needed to do things better; and what and how they can help us in the fight against malaria in this elimination agenda”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com