November 9, 2017

Member of Parliament for Yilo Krobo, Kofi Magnus Amoatey has dismissed assertion that the Minority has expressed fear that when the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill 2017 goes through, it will be used against appointees of the previous government.
Is the law not being made to stamp out corruption, which affect all Ghanaians, “lets no body be mistaken that we on the Minority side are against passage of this Bill”.

“Looted government money will affect every Ghanaian, schools cannot be built in my community”

According to the Yilo Krobo legislator whatever will be agreed on in the law will be applicable to the Majority or appointees of the ruling government while in office.

Again the Bill will be there in perpetuity, even Ghanaians abroad will be affected, those in the diaspora even come to accept juicy positions because they are out there they do all kinds of political activities unknown to you and me, But only known to our political leaders and they are appointed

He further pointed out that working on the Bill both sides of the House have come to accept that there is nothing like independent Special Prosecutor, but what we can have is impartial prosecutor.

“Even the President Nana Akufo-Addo is not independent he belongs to a political persuasion and whoever will be appointing the Special Prosecutor will have at the back of his mind his or her interest”.

And further indicated that he is against the move to set a search committee to get the SP, “it is obvious the Judiciary will have an interest public service will say we want that person”.

This is a job that can be done between the Attorney General and the Public Service Commission, otherwise it will be open up for political consideration, he said.

He further indicated that with the current scrutiny of the Special Prosecutor Bill, it will pass the test of time.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/