April 5, 2011

Lower Manya MP Michael Teye Nyaunu has accused President John Atta Mills, elected to office on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), of pursuing an agenda which is likely to send the NDC into opposition and bring the opposition Convention People’s Party (CPP) back to power.

The NDC MP indicated that the Mills-Mahama government has deliberately placed people of CPP extraction in key government positions all in a bid to nurture them back to power.

“What is the root of his Excellency the president,-CPP, where does the vice president come from- CPP, what of the minister of finance – CPP, and other ministers.

“Nobody has to tell us this, we see the NDC giving way gradually to the CPP, we know what we’re talking about and that is the worry of all of us. So if we see that people of CPP origin who helped us in one way or the other are rather being given more important positions than those who founded the NDC, do you think we shall be happy people?” he told Citi News.

The Lower Manya MP revealed that Party members expressed serious disappointment and resentment about recent developments in the country during a tour of most parts of the country he undertook recently.

“People are not happy at all,” he told Citi News, “and definitely the former President would also not be happy”, in reference to former President Rawlings’s withdrawal of support for President Mills’ second term bid. He fully supports Mr Rawlings’s stance.

According to the NDC’s Ashanti Regional Youth Organiser, Mr. Rawlings told some regional and constituency executives in a closed door meeting at Kumasi on Monday April 4, that he would not support President Mills’ second term bid.

The private meeting has been interpreted by some of the party executives as a subtle campaign strategy for Mrs. Rawlings who has admitted publicly that she intends running against President Mills in the party’s presidential primary.

Hon Nyaunu, who sees Mr Rawlings’s action as long overdue, told Citi News in an interview that the ruling NDC has suffered a lot of defection into the main opposition NPP and the CPP since President Mills became leader.

Meanwhile, a group advocating support for the re-election of President Mills-Friends of Atta Mills for 2012-has expressed disappointment with Mr. Rawlings over his comments.

Organiser of the group, Gabriel Agah pleads with the Rawlingses not to split the front of the party.

“We want to beg them that they should allow us to worship the party with or without them. For now, President Mills is the President, they should tone down. (NPP flagbearer) Akufo-Addo has started campaigning so they should allow President Mills to finish his eight year term so that the party would be stronger.

“If care is not taken, the NDC would go into opposition at the next election.
“Former President Rawlings must desist from inciting members of the party against the current leadership because some of the things he’s going round saying would eventually affect the party”, he added.