November 23, 2015

Member of Parliament (MP) for Gomoa Central, Florence Rachel Appoh, is begging for forgiveness from those wanting her exit from Parliament.

She told host Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM that her heart is troubled because there are clear attempts to get her kicked out from the country’s legislature by some big wigs and ministers in the NDC.

According to her, most of the electorates in her stronghold communities in the constituency were disenfranchised from voting in Saturday’s polls, a situation she said, signaled how desperate some people were to ensuring her exit.

“During the exhibition exercise of the voters register, we got to know that the number of registered voters were 4,800. Those whose names were not found in the register were made to re-register and they were about over 1,000. But surprisingly, during the polls, the names of the people who re-registered were not captured in the voters roll. The shocking aspect of it is that some names too were expunged from the register bringing the total registered voters to about 3,000 plus. And all the names they expunged from the register were from my stronghold. I couldn’t believe it,” she lamented.

She alleged that prior to the polls, she got information that some big men in the party including some ministers had met some of her constituents and dolled out money to them to vote massively against her candidature.

That aside, she said even though, the district under which her constituency falls, is ranked second in the District Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) poverty index, her people are yet to benefit from the initiative.

These among others, she believes, are clear machinations being perpetuated by some party big wigs to get her out from Parliament.

“For the past one year, certain happenings on the ground in my constituency suggest that some ministers want me out of Parliament. Why do they want me out of Parliament and for what reason? In Parliament, I talk and when it comes to the constituency, I am also working so who are those ministers that want me out of Parliament?

“Anyway, I won by more than 1,000 votes but Fiifi can you believe that after the elections I have tried to bring onboard all those who were against me but they said until they hear from those ministers, they are not coming onboard. This is very serious.”

She pleaded with all those wanting her exit from Parliament to reconsider their stance and show some love to her because a vote against her will also affect the fortunes of President Mahama.

“They should talk to all those wanting my exit from Parliament because if they want to work against me it will definitely affect the President. To be sincere with you, my constituents love me. And if some people will sit somewhere and still manipulate some of people to get me out of Parliament, it is going to affect the votes of the President in the 2016 general elections.”