November 13, 2012

The Member of Parliament for Okaikoi North, Elizabeth Sackey has vowed to retain the seat for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) by winning convincingly in the upcoming December election.

According to her, she together with her campaign team have mapped out effective campaign strategies to ensure that the Okaikoi North seat which has since the year 2001 been a seat for the NPP continues to be a safe one for the party.

Hon. Elizabeth Sackey goes into a battle, with the NDC’s Nashiru Abass and an Independent candidate, Andrew Okaikoi, who are in to give the two term MP a run for her money.

The NDC party in the constituency appears to have hit a snag as the Independent candidate who until recently was the party’s parliamentary candidate comes into sight as a very formidable person who is loved by the masses and may be the king maker in the constituency.

In spite of all the above development, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey has said she is not perturbed about what opposition comes her way, and expressed confidence of trashing her competitors.

She said she has worked efficiently as an MP. in the area which has endeared her to majority of voters who have expressed their commitment to.

Hon. Elizabeth Sackey said she has ensured a lot of infrastructure in the area to make life comfortable for her constituents, a situation which the constituents have promised to reciprocate by voting her into power.

Kwadwo Anim/