Dr. Afriyie Akoto
November 14, 2021

Minister for Food and Agriculture Dr. Afriyie Akoto has told Parliament there are outstanding works on the Tamne Dame in the Garu constituency that needs to be completed but that can be done only when funds are available for completion.

According to him there is a spillway channel that is to be completed and the contractor can through a third and final phase of the project deliver that within eighteen (18) months of the commencement of the phase 3 namely; Irrigation canals, farm roads, culverts and drains, a scheme office for the Water Users Association (WUA) necessary for setting up a scheme management unit to be stationed on the project site at Tamne

And would keep the farmers on the path of irrigate agriculture as envisaged.


The construction of twenty-two (22) houses determined to be either below the full supply level or too close to the reservoir and that challenge stemmed from the fact that, the cost of constructing the 22 houses was not factored in the project budget.

Because the consultant had not undertaken the requisite study and that delayed arrangement for payments, and further slowed progress of implementation and further compounded by stoppage of completion works on the embankment formation.

However, the stoppage was needed to sensitize and ensure residents in the reservoir area about their safety before the dam wall was completed.

In the cause of time, prices escalated due to inflation leading to fluctuation which accounted for dwindling project budget.


Mr. Speaker the main issue now is securing government approval of funds to fix the unexpected spillway subsoil weakness over the stretch of 350m. This is critical for protecting the irrigation syphon carrying irrigation water under the spillway.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com