June 28, 2014

Member of Parliament for the Obuasi West Constituency Kwaku Kwarteng has said the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament’s request to RLG Telecommunications for sponsorship was wrong and does put the legislature in a position of conflict of interest.

According to Mr. Kwarteng the request must be condemned by all.

“I am worried about the contributions to our members or former members of parliament, that will suggest that parliament as an institution doesn’t see anything wrong with this or that individuals within parliament do not see anything wrong with it. I think that if parliament is supposed to exercise oversight responsibility and it is beginning to look like key committees like PAC, will be going to private companies for resources to do their work then clearly they have put themselves in the conflict of interest situation,” he added.

Meanwhile Former first Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Freddie Blay described the PAC’s act as an embarrassment “I think it’s an embarrassing situation,” he said on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday.

Mr. Blay said the culture of seeking financial support from companies is a normal practice but not healthy.

“In this case a private company which has dealt with some state institutions and government; that creates a problem. This is a conflict of interest situation which is embarrassing.”

Meanwhile the Head of the Public Affairs Directorate of Parliament, Jones Kublenu has said the leadership of the house is investigating the issue and will present a report to members of parliament for deliberations.

“The majority chief whip indicated that leadership will investigate and then report back to the House so the matter is not before the privileges committee yet.”

“The leadership thinks that it has a role in this scenario and therefore would want to go and look at it independently and come back with a report,” Mr. Kublenu revealed.

The Public Accounts Committee is alleged to have written a letter to RLG Telecommunications seeking financial support for its activities.

The alleged letter was made public by the Editor in Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr when said he had evidence to prove that PAC had sought financial support from RLG.