July 3, 2012

Parliament on Tuesday adjourned shortly after proceedings started because the House could not form a quorum.

Standing Order 48 of Parliament requires that one third of the total number of MP’s must be present for public business by way of making decisions to be legal.

The absenteeism of MP’s in the past few weeks has been frequent but was more pronounced last week when a handful of MP’s did not attend the House to conduct business on the floor of Parliament forcing members, especially from the Minority side to express their displeasure over the development.

Today sitting was no different as few MPs were present in the chamber which made the MP for Abuakwa North, Professor Samuel Amoako to raise the issue of non formation of a quorum.

The First Deputy Speaker Hon. Doe-Adjaho who presided allowed for 10 minutes by which time he expected the number of MPs to increase.

After the 10 minutes has elapse with the number still not encouraging, the MP for Tarkwa Nsuem ones again raised the issue of quorum.

Hon. Doe Adjaho who was obviously displeased with the turn of event adjourned sitting for Wednesday but with an advise for those struggling to be MPs to bear it in mind that they owe it a duty to their constituents to attend Parliament regularly to conduct business in the House.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh