July 19, 2012

Parliament has assured the African Women Lawyers Association of Ghana (AWLA) and the general public that it is seriously working on the Intestate Succession bill for its passage.

The association at a news conference accused Parliament of using its male dominance to thwart the passage of the Intestate Succession bill into law.

The women lawyers believe that the male chauvinism had eaten deep into the work of the male dominated Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee such that the committee dragged its feet in passing the law.

The bill which was first laid in parliament in 2009 when passed into law will ensure that the distribution and inheritance of the deceased family member is done fairly.

The committee which worked on the report barely a month ago requested further consultation from the public to enrich the bill before its passage but the women lawyers were of the view that the exercise unduly delayed the passage of the bill.

However prior to moving a motion for deliberation on the bill which is currently at the consideration stage on the floor of the House, the Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo, pledged parliament’s commitment to see the bill passed as soon as possible.

He said in as much as the bill seemed delayed there was the need for procedure of the House to be followed in formulating a good bill.

He was supported by the Minority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah Bonus who also said that requesting further input from the public was worthy an exercise which was in the best interest of the country as the issue of Intestate Succession over the years generated a lot of confrontations in various families.

Kwadwo Anim/ Ghanamps.gov.gh