July 18, 2011

Parliament is considering debating a bill that will soon be passed into law leading to the establishment of a veteran’s fund which will be disbursed to retired members of the various forces upon retirement.

The bill when passed will go a great length to alleviate the suffering of most veterans who are virtually at the verge of destitute in life as a result of harsh living conditions coupled with poor or at best no pension provisions during active days.

Some veterans of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Police Service especially are forced to retire at an early age of forty due to one form of accident or the other normally encountered in the line of duty which renders them incapacitated and inactive for the rest of their lives.

The bill upon its passage will also secure for its beneficiaries some form of employment offers that will keep them profitably engaged even in their inactive days thereby making them better off in life then their hitherto worse plight.

The house will also debate and subsequently pass the Defense Industrial Holding Company Bill which also seeks to prepare members of the various forces well in advance of their retirement.

Arojah Amadi-Ferguson/ghanamps.gov