November 6, 2018
Ardent opponent to the passage of the Right to Information Bill, has said Parliament would not be rushed in passing the (RTI) bill.

According to K. T. Hammond, Ghanaian lawmakers are trying their best to pass the best of law; “we are not dragging the bill, all we are doing is to put the appropriate amendments, so that at the end of the day what comes out is good”.

In an interview with journalists as to why the bill has kept long in the House, he responded that it is not a straight forward bill, he recounted that under Tony Blair it was passed in the UK, he said to himself.

“Was I crazy to allow the RTI to become law, it is one of the hopeless legislation pass in the UK, it has a lot of implications and potentially dangerous; someone is going to ask me tomorrow morning, someone is going to ask you what did  you take for breakfast”, he lamented.

He further added that, there is the need to be careful about the bill and those journalists who came charging on the gates of Parliament, the media collation for the passage of RTI, they did it in the six Parliament of the fourth Republic, it did not happen.

Again it took America and the United Kingdom who are advanced in democracy longer years to pass it. United Kingdom after it passed it suspended it for five (5) years and pointed out that the clause 17 is the most dangerous of all of them.

“Nobody is going to rush us in passing this bill, we would do our best to pass this bill but no rush”, he lamented.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/