July 21, 2017
Former Member of Parliament for Dome/Kwabenya and Speaker of the seventh Parliament of the fourth Republic, Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye says the autonomy of Parliament is very crucial if the legislature is to be respected.

As former MPs consider yourselves as political animals who will continue to contribute to the Nations development, he stated.

The Speaker was speaking at forum in Parliament to build the capacity of former Members of Parliament on Wednesday.

“Stop being at each other’s throat and consider yourselves as politicians first and then as NPP NDC and CPP second. And care much about each other’s welfare”.

He further noted Ghanaians are taking politicians for granted because politicians insult and disgrace each other so much and urge the forum to work towards achieving a class of politicians who are committed to politics and earn the respect of Ghanaians.

According to the former Dome/ Kwabenya legislator, Ghanaians are of the wrong impression that, “they are chopping our money. MPs make a lot of money but when you look at the life of an MP after serving his or her people there is nothing good to write home about”.

To the extent that some former MPs are broke and do not even have their own car and going by public transport, he said.

Every director in a Ministry has a free four-wheel to drive for his or her job but the MP has to take and loan for a car, service it throughout his or her four years in office. By which time the car becomes weak and he or she takes home as a retirement package he lamented.

“As politicians’ if we work together and let Ghanaians know the truth they will be in a better position to understand our plight and things we need to advance our work”.

He further revealed that, the Parliamentary Service Board had approved of a mini hospital facility for siting MPs and same will apply to former MPs and their spouse.

Without MPs the concept of representative governance will hang in the air, when parliament sits the whole of Ghana is sitting, he said.

In addition the Board has approved the setting up of a legal department for Parliament and the revision of the standing orders to allow private members Bill to the House. “This will strengthen Parliamentary work, we will not always wait to see the Executive always bring Bills to the House”, he remarked.

“We should be ahead of government and not always waiting for government, the Ghanaians will see that their representatives are working”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com