December 5, 2017

Second Deputy Majority whip, Mathew Nyindam is urging the Presidency to come out and clarify the President’s comments on homosexuals as the Minority are taking advantage of the situation to cause mischief.

He further noted that the President was speaking in parable which has given people the opportunity to put his comment in any way they want. “It is good for the Presidency to do that” he said in an interview.

According to the Kpandai legislator, the President Nana Akufo-Addo accepted that, homosexuality is a societal thing and they will decide, it does not mean he has given endorsement to the practice.

Again no one has endorsed homosexuality in our country, but we read of it going on in the media and further pointed out that in time past women did not gain prominent position in our society.

But what do we see today, “gender equality and education of the girl child is very prominent because society want change”, he said.

“If the President says it is bound to happen, please let us put it in context”, and further pointed out that if an elderly person does speak in clear terms, it gives other people opportunity to misinterpret it and recommended that the Presidency should come out clearly on this issue to put the matter to rest.

“The President is a man who will never endorse homosexuality, it is evil, and it can never happen in this Nation. God does not like it and he hates it there is no way such legislation will come to endorse homosexuality”.

“If I will sleep with my colleague male, I better sleep with a female animal”, he lamented and was feel with rage.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/