August 1, 2012

Prez John Dramani Mahama has emphasized his commitment to work effectively with parliament to advance the democratic growth of Ghana.

He said being a three term parliamentarian himself, he recognizes the importance of parliament in the governance system and will not do anything that will militate against the good of Legislatures.

When parliamentarians paid him a visit at the Castle on Tuesday, they expressed their sympathy over the death of the Late Prez. Atta Mills and also congratulated him on his elevation as the current President.

He commended parliament for the swift manner in which they re-convened to ensure the transfer of power to him shortly after the death of Prez Atta Mills on Tuesday 24 July.

The Majority Leader Cletus Avoka on his part noted that parliament has been greatly affected by the death of the former leader as serious parliamentary work hasn’t been done since the death of the Late President last week.

He assured Prez. Mahama of parliament support to ensure that he drive the vehicle of the country to an expected destination.

He said he was sure that the president being an experienced legislator will appreciate the challenges of parliament and put in place measures to solve the challenges.

He also commended government for the renovation of the Job 600 building which is almost completed, which will serve as offices and library for parliamentarians in the effective discharge of their duties.

Kwadwo Anim/