January 27, 2011

A Member of Parliament for Nkwanta South and Majority Chief Whip incensed with the growing public criticisms against Parliamentarians for demanding rise in salaries has hit back at the media and the public.

Gershon Gbediame, says the public are free to scrap the House of Parliament and bring back an autocratic military regime if they think the Legislature is not important.

His statements come in the wake of public disenchantment over proposals made by MPs to the Prof Ewurama Addy led Presidential Committee on Emolument for salary increases.

Sections of the public including some politicians who spoke to Joy FM did not hide their displeasure over the proposed increases.

Whilst some argued the MPs are not deserving of any increases because of the worsening living standards of electorates, others say the quantum being demanded is simply unrealistic, and cruel at worse.

The MPs have been unhappy over the public reaction and did not fail to register their protest on the Floor of Parliament on Wednesday.

One of them, Gershon Gbediame told Joy News’ Sammy Darko the public and media who are championing the anti MP crusade have been unfair to the MPs.

“Scrap Parliament and bring back the military if you think Parliament is not important,” he said.

He was even more surprised that the media keeps criticising parliamentarians over the salary proposals being made when the proposal itself involves all Article 71 office holders. That is MPs, Ministers, Presidents and Judges.

He was emphatic that the MPs are the least paid among the Article 71 office holders and yet they are the ones who endure rigorous and expensive campaigns before they come into office.

“Is it criminal for an MP to ask for a salary increase,” he quizzed, adding the proposals are subject to the approval of the Presidential committee.

Source: Myjoyonline.com