August 10, 2017

Piling Parliamentary work on Members of Parliament (MPs) weeks to recess is not helpful, we do not have work to do when we return from recess but weeks leading to recess we close late and business is heaped on us Issa Sebastian Sandaare told in an interview.

He stated that sometimes it appears as if the Majority is in a hurry to leave the chamber meanwhile, we are here to work.

According to him, the Minority is prepared to work and ensure that they do not have any unfinished work load, saying there are things they need to do before we go to our constituency but MPS’ will be in the House and close late”.

He noted that there were days that MPs could have looked into documents and done some work earlier but they have to wait till the closing days when they are preparing to go on recess.

According to the Daffiama BussieIssa law maker, their constituents usually expect their MPs back home, but delays distort plans of MPs which is not helpful.

On the performance of the Majority he noted that it is too early to say the government will fail, but as we see and observe they are having serious challenges governing this country; time will tell, he said.

In addition they are not meeting their revenue target, they are also refusing to spend making the country difficult. “Ghanaians are looking for money in our pocket. You said when you are in power you will bring money into our pocket, now bring the money, people want to feel the money”, he lamented.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/