June 10, 2013

School infrastructure in Suhum has been given a boost with the construction of three new school blocks at three communities.

They include 3-unit classroom block with toilet and urinal each at Oboatumepan, and Nkantekrom and 6-unit classroom with ancillary facilities at Afransu Dedewa. The facilities are for both primary and junior high schools.

The Member of Parliament for Suhum, Frederick Opare-Ansah who sponsored the construction of the projects commended the various communities for the communal spirit in providing labour towards the projects and urged them to keep doing so till the projects are fully complete and handed over to the schools.

He bemoaned the hard conditions under which some students and their teachers teach and learn and promised to do more by collaborating with relevant stakeholders in the education sector and the assembly to help improve educational infrastructure in the area. He also noted that some school blocks which are in bad conditions are also being renovated and will be completed soon especially as the rains have started.

Ghanamps.gov.gh/Dominic Shirimori