November 1, 2022

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu is counting on his colleagues from the Majority side of the House to support them to succeed in their motion of censure against the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta.

Mr. Iddrisu said ordinarily in any civilized democracy in the world, there should not have been a motion for the Minister to vacate his position; he himself upon self appraisal of where he has led the country to, led the economy to in all conscience would bow-out and save this country, save investments.

The Minority Leader was reacting to calls by the deputy Majority Leader, Afenyo Markin who called on the Minority to furnish the Finance Minister with evidence of all the points contained in their motion of censure to enable him (Finance Minister) prepare well for a fair hearing.

According to him, the Minority brought a competent motion to the House, and he is very much aware that his side (Minority) doesn’t have the threshold to succeed in a censure, but he was also well aware that voting on the motion is through secret balloting.

“And I’m aware that there are like minded persons opposite the aisle, who share their position on the motion but are afraid to be seen offending the president because the Minister of Finance has become a ‘small god’.

He said he would count on his colleagues from the Majority who have demonstrated publicly their desire to see the Finance Minister sacked to help them secure the two-thirds threshold to succeed.

“I trust that they would not abandon ship because they told the world they were guided and advised by their constituents; they should go back to their constituents who are reeling in the real hardship of the pains inflicted by Nana Addo, Ken Ofori Atta on Ghanaians, on businesses”.

He said the president’s assurance when he addressed the country on the economy that there would be no haircut cannot be, because he knows that there would be some barbering on people’s investments and savings, “I know for a fact” he stated.