February 24, 2022

Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Governs Kwame Agbodza has reminded his colleagues in the Majority that there are a number of their colleagues who do not show up in Parliament regularly, but do so just to break the 15 days rule as stipulated by the Standing Orders for MPs who absent themselves without permission.

“Why is Sarah Adwoa Safo the issue of interest currently, meanwhile some people you can hardly know if they are Members of Parliament, I do not see the fixation on Adwoa, we know as friends would tell us, she has not been well for some time”.

According to him it is not for him to tell what she is sick of, “I also got sick sometime at a point in time, I had COVID for two weeks, I was very ill for almost a month, I was not here, what is special about Adwoa’s situation, so the New Patriotic Party needs to be so callous?”

He questioned what it is about Adwoa that the NPP does not know. “I don’t think it is fair the NPP is being so unfair to her, they have the ability to find out what is wrong with her and how to deal with it; if it’s all about E-Levy, everybody’s life is more important than E-Levy. If I am sick, do you think I would try to be here to vote on anything?” he said in an interview.

Again, he noted that she has worn the seat for them many times; today you are telling her and the father that they are nobody. The party does not belong to them, she has never claim the party belongs to her, he emphasized.

As to how to address the issue of MPs not attending to chamber and only come to make up for the forbidden fifteen days absence, he said, “it is difficult for me to tell why people would not come to the House when the 15 days is about reaching they would come and do two days and leave the popular ones. When they come the two hours they spend here they come and mumble and leave”.

“If the 15days thing is something they want to trigger let them do it, you need a certain number of MPs to do it. The inability of Adwoa to come to parliament I don’t see how it’s affecting the economy. I do not think the insecurity in the country is as a result of the inability of Adwoa to be in the chamber”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com