Minister of Defence
November 8, 2022

The Minister of Defence, Dominic A. Bingab   Nitiwul has called on Ghanaians to dismiss any alleged recruitment and training of mercenaries to disrupt the 2024 elections.

“This president and all that we are doing will hand over to the duly elected president of Ghana on the 7th of January 2025.

The duly elected president would be chosen by the people of Ghana, and nobody will interfere in the choice of the people of Ghana; not from the military, not from the police, not from any politician.

The people of Ghana will lineup on the 7th of December, 2024, cast their votes, who ever emerges president will be sworn in on the 7th of January 2025, and would be given the mandate by this president”.

The Defence Minister who was responding to the Minority’s call for a bipartisan prove into an alleged training of mercenaries at Asutuary thus urged all political parties to go out there and campaign to win the hearts of Ghanaians, adding that nothing of such is taking place.

The Minority in their presser stated that their “attention has further been drawn to an expose by a Ghanaian journalist based in the USA, Kelvin Taylor which suggest the recruitment and training of mercenaries by government operatives based at the Jubilee House to cause chaos and mayhem in the country and blame the political opposition”.

This, the Interior minister said was not true. “No such thing is taking place this government has not brought anybody into the Jubilee House who is not a soldier, who is not a police, who is not into national security. We have not done it since we came to power, and we don’t intend to do it. No evidence of that nature”.

He, however, admitted to an enhanced security arrangement at the seat of government, adding that is a prerogative of government, but government has not recruited anybody outside the recognised security forces.