November 25, 2019
The opening of the Second Ordinary Session of the fourth legislature on Wednesday November 19, 2019 witnessed three new lawmakers from Guinea Bissau being sworn in as members of the fourth legislature.

They are   Gabreiela Alfredo Fernandes, Cariamo Camara and Narciano Indi who took their oath of office in front of their colleagues in Abuja Nigeria.

Mr. Mahtarr M. Jeng from Gambia drew the attention of the Speaker Mustapha Cisse Lo that colleagues who have served the fourth Legislature and are leaving should be given an appreciation letter in recognition of work done by outgoing colleagues.

His remarks caught the attention of his colleagues on the floor of the House who clapped to show support for his contribution.

Speaker Mustapha Cisse Lo acknowledged his contribution as laudable and promised to forward his sentiment to the appropriate body for a decision to be taken on that.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/