Tourism Minister Mohammed Awal
November 16, 2021

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mohamed Awal said COVID-19 has hampered international tourism globally.

According to him the sector Ministry though its implementing agency, the Ghana Tourism Authority has put the following innovative initiatives in place to increase international tourism arrival.


The Beyond the Return initiative is a 1year programme and a follow up to the successful “Year of Return” in 2019 that attracted Thousands of visitors to Ghana. It has seven pillars geared towards strengthening relations with the diaspora community and promoting tourism. So far, there have been campaigns and roadshows in North America to invite African-Americans and partner likeminded organizations not only to invest in Ghana but to visit our key attraction sites like the forts and castles and the historic sites. Through these partnerships, a road was recently named after Ghana in Bed/Study, Brooklyn by the Borough Council to further create top of mind in the US market about Ghana.

(ii) December In GH:

 These are endorsed events and activities organized in December to attract both international and domestic patrons especially the 2nd and 3rd generation Ghanaians born in Europe and America. Some of the popular events such as Afrochella, Taste of Ghana, Rhythms on the Runway, Glitz Fashion, TadiFest, Polo Beach club, etc. tend to attract Thousands of international visitors to Ghana to participate in events during the Christmas holidays in Ghana.

(iii) Emancipation Day and PANAFE T Events:

Emancipation Day is celebrated in July to commemorate the final abolition of Chattel Slavery British colonies. Ghana was the first African COUR, celebrate Emancipation Day, beginning in 199g attracts considerable African Diaspora to Ghana. Ty, African Historical Festival (PANAFEST) is a – festival which celebrates people of Africa and of descent in the Diaspora through arts, culture, music, and theatre.

 The PANAFEST attracts diaspora both within and outside to visit our forts and several international visitors attended this Emancipation and PANAFEST events in Ghana. So far, these initiatives are bearing fruit within – arrivals of 411k as at September, 2021. This is more than the total year end arrivals of 2020.

Member of Parliament for Kwadaso Dr. Kingsley Nyarko wanted to know measures put in place or is being put in place to attract foreigners to the national tourist sites and historical monuments in the COVID-19 era.