July 25, 2017
Member of Parliament for Ashaiman Constituency Mr. Ernest Henry Norgbey is lamenting over the absence of serious Parliamentary business on the floor of the House seven months into the four year administration of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

The MP in an interview with Ghanamps.com stated that “We are absolutely doing nothing serious in the House, as a journalist you can see that all we do is making statement on the floor. After the budget presentation vetting of Ministers and the President presenting state of the Nations address”.

‘Ministers do not make themselves available when we have question time on the floor, I will be charitable to give this seventh Parliament of the fourth Republic 30 per cent”, he said.

“Government says they have very competent Ministers, where are they let them come to the floor of the House and answer specificquestions that one to they do not want to come”.

I have never seen such a thing before, I have been following workings of Parliament before I became an MP.For the past seven month we are in the House doing absolutely no serious parliamentary business, he lamented.

He further noted that, if you hear the Minority leader lamenting on the floor of the House over this situation, he is expressing the views of members of the Minority bench.

The President said he is in a hurry, if really he is in a hurry they should bring Parliamentary jobs to the floor of the House, he remarked.

Most of the times when the Majority leader calls for adjournment of the House, you will notice that the Minority say “no we want to work we need to work for the people of Ghana that was why we were elected”, said.

Four years is just around the corner if you have wasted seven months, what are going to do between 2019-2020 you will do nothing. Because “our concentration will be on the next  election you have only two years to do something meaningful all we see is corruption in the system, he noted.

The Ashaiman lawmaker noted that Government has promised to fight corruption, but most Ghanaians are disappointed in the government as we speak.

“They deceived Ghanaians and are now face with the realities and cannot do anything meaningful. As they   promised Ghanaians, tensions are very high most of the promises are not sustainable they did all that just to be elected into power”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com