September 6, 2018
Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Issac Adongo on Wednesday the 5th of November 2018 at 10:00am walked out of the Finance committee in-camera sitting meant to probe the collapse of five Local Banks.

According to the Bolgatanga Central legislator, he could not be part of a “rubber stamped” process which would deliver no value.

He pointed out in an interview with Journalist who had gathered at the seventh floor of Job 600 west wing that documents presented by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) when they appear before the committee in the morning was not comprehensive enough.

“These are Executive summary, press release, you are spending almost eight billion Ghana cedis of tax payers money this a useless document you bring to us. When it came to KPMG they only give you condition and opinion of UniBank”, he lamented.

“There were five assert review at UniBank, there were four of them in one month; we do not have even that report the claim that there were initial work done by KPMG, to take a decision to go into it we do not even have the report.

“We do not even know the terms of reference of the work that KPMG did,  we do not know what  contract we signed with Boulders,  we do not know the full report of Boulders  except Executive summary of Boulders work”.

He questioned,  why would I sit in that meeting, they are just trying to cover up, “these are the documents. To me they do not make sense to me, I cannot see why the state would spend close to eight billion cedis and close to six-thousand jobs are being lost, he emphasized.

A Parliamentary enquire and this is what they bring to me and I want to be part of that meeting and give credence to that kind of a meeting, I do not take part in robber stamp meetings?

As to why he was walking out whiles his colleagues from the Minority were part of the meeting, “well that is what they want to do, I am for my constituent and I feel that my constituent deserve better than this.

Mr. Issac Adongo further added that the document he is demanding for would give him a better understanding and not what the Governor who was before the committee tells him. He pointed out that he must read the documents and ask the appropriate questions for the governor to answer.

When Journalists pointed out to the Bolgatanga Central lawmaker that the documents he was demanding were already in the public domain he answered, “so why are they hiding them, we want to know indeed what is in the public domain is their document”.

As to whether he had raised the issues at the committee level he responded in the affirmative and said it was pointed out to him that there was a meeting and agreement was reached  as to  the document which should be presented  by the Bank of Ghana.

“You have contracted someone to do a job we cannot see the contract document, we can not see the terms of reference to see if they did a good job or not and you think you took someone’s job because of Executive Summary”?

He emphasised that clearly this is not a process he want to be part of and as to what next he said, “I would not take part let the cucus take a decision on that”, he lamented.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/