July 7, 2017
The Honorable Member of Parliament for the Bosome-Freho constituency, Joyce Adwoa Akoh Dei has decried the poor nature of roads in her area calling for inter-ministerial and agency approach to help address the situation.

She noted the sorry state of roads in the area has negatively affected economic activities of residents who are predominantly cocoa and especially vegetable farmers since their produce are left to rot in the farms due to transportation challenges.

It takes days before their produce reach the nearest market. Some cocoa farmers are deciding to cut down their cocoa trees because one has to sell the dry beans between 66 and 68 kilograms instead of the normal 64 kg per sack. If a farmer refuses then he/her has to carry it to the nearest station of about 40 kilometres she laments.

Vehicles transporting sick persons, goods are often seen stuck in mad due to the poor nature of the roads affecting health delivery since sick people are carried by able bodied men on rotational basis to hospitals. School pupils and children also walk very long distance under the vagaries of the weather on foot to school due to lack of a Kindergarten in the area, a situation which is negatively affecting education delivery in the area.

The MP expressed these frustrations of her constituents on the floor of Parliament in a statement on the topic “Age-long socio-economic problems of Bosome-Freho and the way forward’’.
According to Madam Joyce Adwoa Akoh Dei, the roads in the area especially Asiwa to Nsuayem No 1 & 2 to Abosamso and Amomorso to Nsuayem have not witnessed any form of rehabilitation in many years hence the urgent need for prompt action to lessen the plight of residents.

The development of the tourist potential of the area which covers 55% of Lake Bosomtwe is left undeveloped due to the poor nature of roads in the area.

The MP has thus appealed to the Ministries of Roads and Highways, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, COCOCBOD, Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Education to collaborate in finding a lasting solution to the challenge.

By Christian Kpesese/ ghanamps.com