At the first meeting of a new Parliament a Committee of Selection under the chairmanship of the Speaker is appointed to prepare lists of chairpersons, vice chairpersons and Members to compose the Standing Committees:

(a) the Standing Orders Committee;
(b) the Business Committee;
(c) the Committee of Privileges;
(d) the Public Accounts Committee;
(e) the House Committee;
(f) the Finance Committee;
(g) the Appointments Committee
(h) the Committee on Members Holding Office of profit; and (i) the Committee on Government Assurances

Every Member of Parliament in accordance with clause (4) of article 103 of the Constitution, should serve on at least one of the Standing Committees.

Standing Committees are permanent and the tradition is that once appointed under clause (2) of article 103 of the Constitution they can¬not be disbanded. The size of the Committees ranges from fifteen to thirty-one and Members are chosen by their parties in proportion to their numerical strength in the House.