March 10, 2014

Member of Parliament for Afram Plains South, Joseph Appiah Boateng committed to equip Bebuso Junior High School (JHS) with five “Better Ghana” Laptops and five solar lanterns latest by the month of April.
According to him this facilities will to a large extent facilitate and enhance the academic performance of the students in the area.

Hon. Joseph Appiah Boateng made the pledge in response to a request made by students of the school who engaged the MP after an excursion to Parliament House on Friday.

The students who expressed their desire to learn hard and become responsible adults to develop their area said their efforts will be complimented if they had the necessary tools to learn with.

The students with awe visibly written on their faces, listened to the MP when he narrated his life experience from a humble beginning in the same districts as the students, assuring them that with tenacity of purpose they can rise to become important personalities in life and achieve their dreams.

Hon. Appiah Boateng encouraged them not to be discouraged by the low level of development in their area but urged them to draw lessons from his life, where he started from a humble beginning in the same district as the student but has managed to rise very high on the social ladder by dint of hard work.

He further expressed his commitment to improve the level of education in the area, adding that education is a prerequisite for development.