August 27, 2013

As the judgment day approaches, one city that is catching the attention of the local and international communities, perhaps, due to obvious political leaning of its majority, is Kumasi.

Noted as the ‘World Bank’ of the NPP, Kumasi has solidly stayed with the biggest opposition party, albeit, the recent increase in the presence of the NDC as manifested in the increase of votes cast in the favour of the NDC in the last general elections.

With this background, the city is inundated with the presence of the police force who have demonstrated their readiness to quell any disturbance that may arise before and after the Supreme Court judgment on the election petition case on Thursday.

In an interview with Patricia Appiagyei, the NPP MP for Asokwa and former Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolis, she expressed optimism that, wherever the pendulum will swing, the people of Kumasi are ready to accept it, notwithstanding the fact that, the city is NPP’s stronghold.

“Whichever way it goes, the people of Kumasi are prepared to accept it peacefully and move on with life. I don’t think any disappointment would cause any mayhem or trouble in the city”, Mrs. Appiagyei told The Independent.

However, she was quick to add, “I know that Kumasi is positive that it will go NPP’s way”.

On the comparatively high presence and surveillance of security forces in the metropolis, the MP said, “I don’t know what the intention is, but I believe that they know Kumasi is NPP’s stronghold and if anything would erupt, it might start from Kumasi. But I don’t think that would happen. We love our country and wouldn’t want to tear it apart”.

With the peace calls increasing on both sides of the political ‘coin’, it appears the parties in the case are ready to go with the Supreme Court verdict which means the destiny of the nation now lies in the hands of the nine revered justices of the highest court of the land.

Mrs. Patricia Appiagyei has a few words for the panel of judges led by its president, Justice William Atuguba.

“We would like to see fairness in whatever verdict they would give. Whatever particular reason they would give for pronouncing that verdict, would be understandable”, Mrs. Appiagyei advised.