January 1, 2013

The sixth Parliament of the forth Republic of Ghana will on the January 7, 2013 elect the next Speaker of the House to swear in Members of Parliament.

The Director of Public Affairs of Ghana’s Parliament, Jones Kugblenu in an interview with Citi News stated that both sides of the House will have to arrive at a consensus or resort to voting to approve the majority’s candidate.

Explaining the process Mr. Kugblenu said: “Normally the Majority caucus presents a candidate to the Minority caucus and if they agree with the position of the Majority, the person is elected. If the Minority caucus has any other candidate apart from what has been presented by the Majority, then the Chair, who is the Clerk will then call for balloting.”

He added that “when the Speaker is elected, the Chief Justice will then swear in the Speaker, and then the Speaker will then swear in members elect.”