January 7, 2013

Parliament is yet to officially inform the Electoral Commission about the vacant Buem parliamentary seat for a by-election to be held.

The seat has become vacant due to the death of the MP- elect, Henry Ford Kamel who died on Christmas day.

Per the Constitution, Parliament must officially inform the EC of any vacancy so it runs a by-election for the seat to be filled.

A Deputy Chairman for the EC, Sarfo Kantanka however told Citi News, the processes to elect a new MP have not begun because Parliament is yet to inform the Commission.

“We’ve not been officially informed so we don’t do anything because it is in the constitution that we should be informed by Parliament about a vacancy which has occurred and it is after that that we put in place the mechanism for conducting a by-election.”

He further explained that since the by-election arises out of a death of an elected MP, the election should be conducted within 60 days and therefore his outfit is waiting for Parliament to inform them.