October 5, 2013

Information and Media Relations Minister, Mahama Ayariga, has described as, no big deal, President John Mahama’s photo pose in front of a CNN signage.

The picture of the Ghanaian president posing in front of the CNN building in Atlanta in the USA got a lot of critics buzzing on social media websites, facebook and twitter.

The photo, which went viral, has exposed the president to a deluge of criticism, with many of his critics arguing that Mr. Mahama, by his action, has demeaned the West African country.

They wonder why a president of a country would relish such a photo opportunity.

Explaining how the picture came about, Mahama Ayariga said the president took the particular picture, as well as several others, upon incessant photo-op requests from the CNN team that escorted the Ghanaian entourage at CNN’s studios for the two separate interviews.

He said some members of the Ghanaian team, including presidential staffer, Stan Dogbe, the accompanying Ghanaian media, amongst others, also requested similar photo-ops with the president in front of the CNN signage, which he obliged.

Mr. Ayariga said: “…I don’t see how it demeans the country. I mean CNN clearly is a known global brand and they are a major media house, globally, and we had the opportunity to be there to grant interviews to be able to project our issues and issues relating to African and we thank them for that platform and that opportunity.

“…Taking some photographs in front of their signage, I don’t see how that demeans a country like Ghana. I think that one really has to work very hard to establish that to just take some photographs in front of CNN’s head office by their signage demeans Ghana; I don’t see how that demeans Ghana”, he stressed.

Speaking on Joy FM’s news analysis programme, Newsfile on Saturday, Mr. Ayariga said the Presidency will look into who put the picture out onto social media.