January 3, 2013

Registration for new members of Parliament will end today after a week of organizing data for the next Parliament and to also facilitate orientation for the new members.

According to the Public Affairs Director of Parliament, Jones Kugblenu, members of Parliament who are unable to register would have to notify the House beforehand.

The house is expected to host President Mahama as he delivers the last State of the Nation’s Address on Friday, December 4, 2012.

All 274 MPs-elect are expected to complete the process which is the first phase of a detailed plan to collect primary data from all the men and women who will form the next Parliament.

Personal details such as dates of birth, profession, the constituency to be represented and educational backgrounds of the various MPs-elect are being compiled during the registration process.

The number of MPs however, has dropped from 275 to 274 due to death of Volta Regional Minister and MP-elect for the Buem constituency, Henry Ford Kamel.

The 274 members of Parliament however include 97 new entrants and 177 from the current Parliament.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) would dominate the House with 148 seats, with the opposition New Patriotic Party grossing 122 seats.

Four independents are expected to join the House, with one member from the People’s National Convention.