June 13, 2013

Hon. Sulemana Alijata Gbentie, Member of Parliament for Sissala East, has assured to give momentum to improve the lots of women in her constituency, as a resolve to achieving women empowerment in the area.

She said in the foreseeable future, she would advance the course of women through the implementation of certain improvised economic activities as a rebase to support them in the socio-economic aspect of their lives in the district.

Speaking to ghanamps.gov.gh, Madam Sulemana Gbentie reiterated that she had in the past been at the forefront assisting women to benefit from various economic activities in the district whiles the DCE for the area, and therefore noted that she would continue to focus more on her agenda and ensure that efforts made in respect of economic empowerment of women yields good results.

According to her, she would put in place a monitoring mechanism to check and ascertain whether the projects and programmes like the credit facilities for women groups and other economic activities set for women in the district, were making any meaningful ends in their lives.

She said as part of this move she had even engaged the District Co-operative officer to form the women into groups and facilitate some workshop for them on how to manage every scarce resource they obtain.

Fashioning meaningful Political balance with women

Madam Sulemana however observed that there has been a significant milestone in resolving the under-representation of women in our politics, and lauded the efforts of President Mahama with the chance offered to women in engendering political balance with women at the fore.

She maintained that everybody should be allowed to contribute his or her quota in the growth and development of the country, adding that there should be equity in the system.

“I want women to be able to talk freely and contribute to any national discourse; there is something good in women but if you continue to shut them down you will not get the best in them” she asserted and thus pleaded that women be given the chance to prove themselves at every level in society so collectively we could help build a better Ghana.

Jonathan Jeffrey Adjei/Ghanamps.gov.gh