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Dome/Kwabenya: NPP Constituency Secretary urges delegates to choose a candidate constituents want

The Dome/Kwabenya Constituency Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Ansah Larbi has called on the party’s delegates to choose a parliamentary candidate that appeals to the constituents and would help the party retain the seat for the party ahead of the 2024 general elections should on Saturday, January 27, 2024, chose a candidate who is liked by the constituents.

According to him in the last four years the constituency has been hot, but things are calm and delegates have already taken their decision; they know who they want to vote for from the three aspirants – the incumbent, Sarah Adowa Safo who is seeking re-election, Mike Oquaye Junior who is not new in the race as well as Sheela Oppong Sakyi, the new entrant.

The constituency secretary in an interview further pointed out that measures have been put in place to ensure that whoever loses does not go as independent candidate, and further added that in the year 2020 primaries when Oquaye Junior lost, he did not go independent; he came around to do his best to campaign for Sarah Adowa Safo, then NPP Parliamentary candidate.

“We are all NPP, we are one family and we need to put ourselves together and execute a very massive campaign to break the eight; that is what is important. If we fail to break the eight whoever wins as parliamentary candidate and for that matter MP cannot do much to help the constituency so I think everybody knows that and they know party first”.

On the issue that played out sometime with the absence of the sitting MP which became a topical national issue, he noted that the delegates know the aspirants and what they should do he said if it is going to play out in the primaries,  he noted that the delegates know the aspirants and what they should do those going to vote are thousand eight hundred and forty.

He said the delegates represent those who vote for the NPP, so it is very important to ensure their preference is met; adding that they have realized some drop in the number of people who voted for the party in the previous election.

“We have forty- four thousand registered voters not voting in this constituency in the last primaries so there is something wrong somewhere; we need to find out why they did not vote. Maybe their voices were not heard; we did not listen to them or represent them and did not do what they wanted.

We have educated the delegates that you are the mouthpiece of the polling station, you represent as executives so you should before you choose a candidate listen to the ground; go to the market, trotro stations in your local area, those who use public transport listen to what the people are saying”.

Again, if the delegates make a choice that does not go down well with the people it will have a negative effect on the party.

In the case of the sitting Member of Parliament, Sara Adowa Safo he noted that she has been in office, delegates have the right to speak about what she has done, if the masses are happy with her so be it but if they are not happy with her then, I do not think there is a point continuing with her so delegates must listen to the masses.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com

Suhum Parliamentary Primaries: All is set for a two-horse race — Constituency Secretary

The Suhum Constituency Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic (NPP) Party Stephen Asukpa Odame said all is set for the party’s parliamentary primaries on Saturday, January 27, 2024; a two-horse race between the incumbent Member of Parliament Kwadjo Asante and Frank Asiedu Bekoe.

According to him the two have been cleared and they are going about their campaign as eight hundred and twenty-four delegates are expected to cast their votes in the parliamentary primaries.

The constituency secretary explained during a visit by Ghanamps.com that so far there is a clean campaign going on between the two aspirants who have adopted a one on one and social media platforms to reach out to the delegates since this is an internal contest, and it is expected that they will have a decorum campaign.

And so far there has not been any major incident and they are not expected to deviate from the standards and they expect them to uphold the standards.

On the issue of the loser going independent, he noted that whiles the two aspirants were filling the form, it was part of the undertaking that whoever is not successful in his bid will not go independent.

Furthermore, the constituency secretary explained that the NPP in Suhum is very strong on the ground and in the unlikely event that any losing candidate goes independent that will really not affect the fortunes of the party in Suhum.

As to whether the constituency should not be grooming MPs to gain experience rather than have first term MPs being contested keenly, he noted that we are in a democratic state and the party’s constitution gives that opportunity that every four years an opportunity should be given for other members of the party to contest.

He was however quick to admit that there is the need to build the capacity of an MP that means serving for quite some time to become an experience MP, “but we have chosen the path of democracy.”

Again, we have history of an MP in Suhum serving one term, Ransford Agyapong who was unseated by Fredrick Opare Ansah who served as an MP for sixteen years, he added.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com

Asante Akim South Primaries: Delegates reject calls for change

Delegates in the Asante Akim South constituency have indicated their unwavering support for their Member of Parliament Asante Boateng ahead of the ruling party’s Parliamentary Primaries on January 27, 2024.

Despite attempts by aspirants like Obour to sway opinions and advocate for a shift in representation, the sentiments among the delegates remain steadfast, rooted in the impactful achievements of the present incumbent.

Within the charged atmosphere of the MP’s campaign launch, our team engaged with delegates eager to shed light on the transformative developments spearheaded by the current representative.

Roaming through the exhibition showcasing various projects, another delegate extolled the discernible impact on local communities. “These developments are a testament to progress. Beyond roads, electricity reaching 33 communities is a game-changer,” they shared, emphasizing the visible improvements felt in constituents’ daily lives.

The strategic pursuit of Municipal status has also resonated with delegates, who emphasized the positive ripple effect. “Municipal status has ushered in more projects – new schools, improved facilities. It signifies a step towards a brighter future for Asante Akim South,” articulated another party member.

As the political landscape evolves, the collective voice of Asante Akim South delegates echoes a resounding endorsement for the incumbent MP. Their unyielding loyalty remains a testament to the impactful achievements that have become the cornerstone for progress and prosperity in the constituency.

Delegates, content with the performance of their representative, firmly reject calls for change from Obour and other aspirants. The narrative pivots on the substantial achievements of the incumbent, creating an insurmountable barrier against the winds of change sought by challengers.

The incumbent MP has additionally constructed over 50 boreholes have been provided for safe drinking water, further enhancing the positive impact of Asante Boateng’s leadership on the well-being of the community.

The deputy railway Minister, Mr. Asante Boateng’s strategic move with his MCE Mr Alexander Frimpong towards achieving Municipal status for the constituency has also struck a chord with delegates like Yaw Mensah, who emphasized the positive ripple effect.

“Municipal status has brought in more projects – new schools, better facilities. It’s a step “Municipal status has brought in more projects – new schools, better facilities. It’s a step towards a brighter future for Asante Akim South,” he articulated.

In addition to the infrastructure projects, delegates praised Mr. Asante Boateng for his selfless leadership, commitment to the welfare of party members, and responsiveness to their calls in times of need or support.

Further checks in one-on-one interviews with some delegates revealed a staggering 75% support of party delegates present at the program with intent to cast their votes in favor of Lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng to become the Parliamentary candidate for the constituency and further win the main general election in 2024 to continue his good works as an MP.

All these comments came up last Wednesday 10 January, 2024 when the MP launched his formal campaign for the Parliamentary primaries at his constituency, Asante Akim South.


Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu writes: Ghana’s constitutional day

As we commemorate the day set aside to celebrate the genesis of the Fourth Republican Constitution, I salute all Ghanaians, especially, those who participated in crafting, as well as those who have been active in activating, implementing, interpreting and reviewing the 1992 Constitution.

As one people in one nation with a common destiny, it must be our collective strategic imperative to ensure the survival of Constitutionalism.

It is my considered opinion that the survival of the 1992 Republican.

Today, January 7, 2024 for me marks 31 continuous years of intimate interaction with the 1992 Constitution, the initial implementation of which, was paradoxically, superintended by an unconstitutional regime. The vast experiences garnered affirm my conviction that all the efforts and attempts at amending and reviewing the Constitution must be consolidated, harmonised and brought to fruition.

It is my considered opinion that the survival of the 1992 Republican Constitution hinges, largely, on its holistic review. Let us summon the will to consummate the process.

Happy Constitution Day and may the Fourth Republic last forever.


NPP parliamentary primaries: AKIM Oda MP goes unopposed

The Member of Parliament for Akim Oda constituency Alexander Akwasi Acquah, has successfully gone through vetting and has been considered the surest best for the party in that constituency.

He is due to contest unopposed following some hitches suffered by the only challenger at the vetting.

Mr Akwesi Acquah highlighted his significant leadership and contributions before, during, and after the 2020 General Election.

He was elected MP for the area in 2020 parliamentary election.

He secured 25,380, 79.45% percent to beating the NDC’s Jones Asante who managed some 6,262, 19.60%
Throughout the campaign period, he remained steadfastly involved, tirelessly moving from house to house to campaign and offering substantial resources.

Speaking to the majority of supporters and delegates, they indicated that they have confidence in Mr. Alexander Akwasi Acquah and are ready to vote for him again to lead the party in the constituency.

On his part, the Eastern Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party Mr. jeff kunadu said, Dennis Obeng Agyei who is contesting the incumbent MP has been referred to the Akim Oda constituency disciplinary committee due to some infractions that borders on constitutional discipline in the party.

That notwithstanding, there were petition coming from the constituency that we saw evidence of him on radio insighting market women and people against the party.

Dennis Obeng Agyei who is vying for the Akim Oda parliamentary seat admitted and apologize to the party due to that his vetting was unsuccessful. ‘He said’.